Currently on view at Gauntlet Gallery in San Francisco is “Au9usto” — as the title suggests, a playful group show featuring nine artists with a penchant for experimentation. There’s the dark surrealism of Wednesday Kirwan, a fully-functional guillotine sculpture by Sam Lamott and heavily tattooed vintage celebrity portraits by Cheyenne Randall. Bennett Slater offers an irreverent take on Neo-Classicism, Justin Hopkins distorts perspectives and Rebecca Adams takes us into a Richter-Esque time warp. Take a look at some of the works in the show and catch the exhibition on view through September 20.


SF Gate

The group show at the Gauntlet Gallery in San Francisco (until Sept. 20) is "Au9usto," which includes Sam Lamott's large sculpture "Playtime." The work is a form based on a fully functional guillotine, an "object of death" he hopes will "rekindle a passion for life in the viewer. I want to shake the viewer, inches away from our common blade, and say, 'Live, wake up! Play until the blade drops.' " Watermelons were used at the opening.

Did Lamott make use of the fruit of his art? "I set upon it like a dog," he said, "because my mouth had gone dry with worry that either (a) it wouldn't work; or (b) it would crash onto the gallery floor. A few others took bites in solidarity."

(The artist's mother is memoirist/novelist Anne Lamott, who wrote about his infancy in "Operating Instructions," when it's unlikely she imagined that one day he'd be building guillotines.)

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