Artist Statement

My art reflects a desire to express and explore my deepest inside truths and struggles, my joy and amazement and losses, my infinite confusion and occasional insight into human life.  I have used a multitude of materials and formats in an effort to capture and distill the bouts of curiosity and narcissism, self-loathing, generosity, anger and celebration.

My art has been informed by my fixation with both motion and inertia, the force fields that infuse and surround our lives, the invisible gears and levers that tip us toward a moment of understanding, or chaos.

I love to work with color, metal, kinetics, and stillness.  I believe mess is our friend and teacher, even as I am drawn to precision, beauty and progress.  Some days I think I'm on to something, that I could almost corral: on other days, I let mystery and playfulness lead me to new places.

Ideas come to me, as they do for most artists, from both the ether and experience. I pursue the most intriguing ones, noodle around, make mistakes, find my way, create, erase, press on.

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